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Anxiety, Addiction & Phobias

Is anxiety taking over your life, or are you fighting an addiction like smoking or food or maybe you have a fear that's stopping you go where you want to? Hypnotherapy might be just what you need. 


Hypnotherapy is a safe effective way of overcoming fears and phobias, of dealing with anxiety and panic attacks and eliminating addictions such as smoking, alchohol and foods or even managing issues such as anger and repetitive behaviours such as OCD. All our habits and behaviours are stored in our subconscious.  Repetition of any thought pattern or behaviour shifts it to become a subconscious response.  We can become very good at good habits and behaviours, but we can also become very good at BAD habits and behaviours just by continually repeating them!  Hypnosis is a way of introducing a 'new' program to the brain.  It's a little like going to to PC World to by a new bit of software for your computer, but instead it's for your brain!  By introducing directly to the subconscious mind a more positive way of behaving ie being able to say 'no' to 'naughtly' foods, or remaining calm when seeing a spider, or feeling free from tobacco or alcohol, you can 'switch' off old behaviour patterns, replacing them with new more positive, healthier ones!  What have you got to lose, except the fear, phobia, habit or behaviour that you want to get rid of!!  Call Andrea on 01202 859695 or email

You can read more about anxiety, addictions & phobias on the pages below:

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