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Stress can be an indicator of an overloaded brain. We all experience stress at some time in our lives and it may be the ‘push’ that we need to make us address an issue that we’ve put off dealing with. Sometimes however, the overwhelming feelings that can be associated with stress can lead to psychological paralysis i.e. we want to ignore the issue because we just can't face dealing with it. If that sounds familiar, here are some steps to help get you on the road to successfully dealing with your worries:


1. Question yourself. Try to identify the foundation of your worries. At this point you are not looking for solutions, you are seeking to understand what the issues are. Some people find it helpful to write things down, others find that talking helps clarify things.


2. Identify what you can actually influence. Often we spend time worrying about issues that we have absolutely no control over. This distracts our attention from dealing with the things that we can change.


3. Picture how things will look and feel when the situation is resolved. This is a great starting point for creating your plan for change.


4. Decide upon your first step towards resolving the situation. You’ll be surprised at the momentum created once you’ve taken that first step. You don’t have to know all the steps before you start, you’ll find that the steps become clearer as you move through your journey of change.


5. Review your plan. Sometimes things change and the original plan needs adapting. This way you ensure your plan is always up to date.


6. Reward yourself! When you’ve done something that’s taken time and effort and you’ve achieved a successful outcome a reward is something to look forward to.


And finally……. keep listening to your own inner thoughts and feelings. They are the best indicator of when you need to make some changes!!

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