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Emotional Problems

Are you having relationship problems, perhaps you've suffered an emotional trauma and need some help?  Confidential counselling might provide the support you need.


There are times when we all feel that things are getting on top of us.  We don't know where to turn and quite what to do to change things or even where to start.  Maybe you've suffered a bereavement and feel that you just can't cope.  Perhaps you're experiencing loss, but also other feelings such as guilt and anger and you just don't know how to move forward.  Perhaps you're haviing relationship problems, but it feels like you are going round in circles and can't tell what's right from wrong.  Maybe you've lost perspective and need help to re-establish what is really important to you.  Having a professional counsellor to help you work through your difficulties, to ask you the quesitons you can't ask yourself and to enable you to see more clearly imight be just what you need.  Contact Andrea on 01202 859695 or email

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