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Counslling for Couples
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(Cognitive Behavioural Therapy)  

(inlcuding remote)

1hr  |  £70.00

CBT is a form of talking therapy which focuses on how your thoughts and core beliefs affect your feelings and behaviours.  It helps you analyse the foundation for negative thoughts and beliefs and teaches you strategies and skills to retrain your thinking patterns for a more positive outcome.

If we have a negative interpretation or feeling about a situation, we are likely to have a negative response to it.  Repeated negative responses develop into 'automatic thoughts'.  CBT helps to challenge those thoughts, as a means of helping you change the way you feel and therefore the way you behave, to achieve a better outcome in the future.

CBT is one of the most common treatments for anxiety, fears, phobias, anger, depression, OCD & other mental health issues.

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