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Counslling for Adults
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Counselling (Adults) 

(inlcuding remote)

1hr  |  £70.00

You may be struggling with a relationship breakdown or experiencing relationship difficulties.  Perhaps you're suffering from  stress over work or maybe you've had a bereavement. Sometimes talking to a family member or friend is not enough. That's when you might want to consider counselling. It may be that only a few sessions are needed or, for more deep rooted issues, several sessions over a number of months might be necessary.

After completing basic personal details, we'll talk about the purpose of the visit and what you'd like to achieve from counselling.  We'll explore and clarify the current situation to try to understand more about the issue with a view to identifying steps for change to gain control of life and emotions.  

As with anything in life, there are no guarantees! Counselling is a collaborative process to help get a better understanding of what's going on and why and to identify what steps need to be taken to make a positive change.

Remote Counselling

For those people who are unable to attend face to face counselling, especially in this difficult time where we are dealing with the coronavirus, remote counselling is an alternative option.  This can be conducted via telephone, skype, facetime or zoom, whichever option you would prefer.  Just click on remote counselling on the bookings page to select this option.

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