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Counselling for Children
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Counselling (Children)

1hr  |  £80.00

Therapeutic Counselling for Children:

Therapeutic Counselling is a process for helping children who have difficulty controlling their behaviours or emotions. Sometimes a child has trouble regulating their emotional or behavioural responses and they seem inappropriate or too extreme for the situation.  An extreme response can be a volcanic response, where the child seems to experience an excessive amount of anger, anxiety, fear, frustration etc, or it could be a completely withdrawn response, where a child seems to completely 'close down' and become uncommunicative.  Therapeutic Counselling seeks to uncover the cause using mechanisms such as P.A.C.E (Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, Empathy), CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Relaxation and Visualisation.

It can be helpful for children suffering from anxiety about school or friendships or perhaps issues arising as a result of parents separating or difficulties with step-parents or step-siblings.

Parent participation is key, as each child needs support and understanding and will need parents to engage in the process of building or re-building the emotional foundations required to help a child feel safe and happy.

I recommend an initial 3 sessions, booked between 1-2 weeks apart, with a review of progress after the 3rd session and a plan to move forward.

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