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(including remote)

1hr 15 |  £125.00

Hypnotherapy is a way of accessing the part of the mind where all our automatic habits and behaviours are stored.  It's a little like re-programming a computer with a 'new' program containing positive thoughts, responses and behaviours.  You can't be made to do anything you don't want to do.  Hypnosis can help you make the changes you want to in a way that's right for you.  It can be helpful for adults and children and can be effective in helping overcome all sorts issues such as; anxiety, panic attacks, fears and phobias, addictions such as smoking or alcohol, unhealthy eating habits, anger management, low self esteem, lack of confidence.  It can also help with disorders such as OCD or Aspergers.

During the first half of the session we'd talk about the issue and how it's affecting your life.  In the second half of the session, I'd do some hypnotherapy, utilising all the information gathered during the initial discussion, to tailor the suggestions made during hypnosis specifically to your circumstances.

The entire session would last between an hour and an hour a quarter.  1-3 sessions is average, although some people may come along for more, or may come back for a top up from time to time.

Remote Hypnotherapy 

For those people who are unable to attend face to face hypnotherapy, particularly in this difficult time of coronavirus, remote hypnotherapy is an alternative option.  The first half of the session would take place via telephone, skype, facetime or zoom.  This will be followed by a personalised hypnotherapy recording being produced and sent to you via email for use in the comfort of your own home.  Just click on remote hypnotherapy on the bookings page to select this option.

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