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Our Hypnosis Certificate Training Course runs over 7 days and covers a range of principles designed to give you an excellent foundation in the field of therapeutic hypnosis.

This course includes two certificates: 1) A GHR Recognised Hypnosis Certificate and (2) An Alchemy Method Practitioner Certificate.


When you attend this course you'll have the opportunity to explore indirect hypnosis methods and language patterns as you discover how to utilise therapeutic hypnosis in the following areas:

 Stop Smoking

* Weight Loss

* Phobia Treatment

* Relaxation

* Reducing Anxiety

* Developing Confidence

...and more

Presented by Kerin Webb MA, and Andrea Lindsay D.Hyp

If you've already trained in hypnotherapy, counselling, life coaching or NLP but you want to learn even more about indirect hypnosis then this course will definitely teach you a great deal. And if you're new to the field and you're wanting to develop some important extra skills to use in practice in a brand new career then we believe what you'll get from this course is amongst the best there is for helping people like you get started.

Here you'll learn about traditional Milton Model and Meta Model Language Patterns ...along with Bind Sets and a whole lot more! You'll cover a variety of induction techniques, from progressive relaxation, to guided visualisation and indirect approaches.

Once you're competent at using a range of hypnotic inductions and therapy techniques, we will then teach you the powerfulAlchemy Method.

This special element of the course is designed for therapists/practitioners who want to learn how to help their clients overcome phobias, manage their physiological pain,health anxiety, generalised anxiety disorder, OCD, panic attacks and to help them make themselves feel safe.

There are lots of training schools offering courses in hypnosis/NLP these days, which means that there can be a wide variety of approaches in the tuition provided as the field of hypnotherapy is vast and it contains many different methodologies. The Alchemy Method provides a systematic step-by-step training in how to treat a wide of variety of anxiety-based conditions. It is a multi-disciplinary approach, incorporating CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy,Meridian Therapy, Metacognitive Therapy, Metaconscious Communication, NLP and Spiritual Wellbeing. With many case studies, live demonstrations, and the opportunity to practice the method in real time. By the conclusion of this course, you can feel confident and competent in your ability to work successfully with clients who present with anxiety-based conditions in a holistic way.

Here's what the Alchemy Method covers:

* Know Thy Self – discovering your client’s unconscious life story and how it influences them on a day to day basis

* The Science Bit – understanding the biology of anxiety and panic (how hormones can influence your moods)

* The War Model of relating to emotional and physiological pain – bringing peace to the subconscious inner conflict

*  The Victim Mind Set – using Metaconscious Communication to help the client become proficient at knowing the questions that can make them victorious, leading them out of the trap of the victim mind set

* Secondary Gain – awakening your client to the pitfalls of allowing secondary gain to enslave them in dysfunctional behaviour patterns

* The Alchemy Process Protocol

* The K-Swish Method

* Meridian Energy Therapy Training

* NLP V-K dissociation principles


* Hypnotic Intervention Protocols

* Spirituality  – helping the client to connect to their Life Purpose, using reflective principles to reawaken an understanding of what really matters to them. This element includes time-honoured shamanic techniques. Modern healthcare now recognises the importance of maintaining healthy spiritual practices in our daily lives.  As The Royal College of Psychiatrists says:

‘All health care tries to relieve pain and to cure - but good health care tries to do more. Spirituality emphasises the healing of the person, not just the disease’.

* Becoming Secure - the end result of extinguishing anxiety, panic attacks, phobias and other psychological/emotional problems and developing a healthy, balanced, spirituality is that you feel more secure in your day-to-day life.

Plus absolutely loads of indirect hypnosis language patternsspecifically targeted on helping people to overcome their fears. This will help you communicate on many levels.

***This course can count towards your continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.***

As you can see you'll explore many useful methods for helping to erase phobias ...along with smoking cessation and weight loss principles that are, our experience indicates, very effective indeed.

'Your special way of teaching is a joy. Thank you for giving so freely.' Gareth.

We've been delivering courses like this for many years and we base what we do on results gained in professional practice. So there are lots of opportunities for you to ask questions, see live demonstrations...and hear the language of hypnosis at work.

This course awards two certificates, therefore, upon successful completion you'll be eligible to use the designatory letters 'CHyp' which will denote your certificate in hypnosis and to call yourself an Alchemy Method Practitioner. No previous experience required.



LOCATION:  Halo Therapies, First Floor, 92-94 Castle Lane West, Bournemouth, BH9 3JU

Click here to book and pay (you will be forwarded to the Soul Synthesis Website).

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