Learn how to help people overcome phobias, anxiety and panic attacks using hypnosis.

This special one-day workshop is designed for hypnotherapy practitioners who want to learn how to help their clients overcome phobias, anxiety and panic attacks. There are lots of training schools offering courses in hypnosis these days, which means that there can be a wide variety of approaches in the tuition provided as the field of hypnotherapy is vast and it contains many different methodologies. If you've qualified in a hypnotherapy training programme that provided a 'general' overview of the subject and you would now like to get some detailed training in how to treat phobias, anxiety and panic attacks then consider this master class.

Here's what we'll cover:

 Our special Neuro Affective Desensitisation Technique protocol

* The K-Swish method

* Meridian energy therapy training

* NLP V-K dissociation principles


* Hypnotic intervention protocols

Plus absolutely loads of indirect hypnosis language patterns specifically targetted on helping people to overcome their fears. This will help you communicate on many levels.

Train with recognised experts in the use of Indirect Hypnosis / Ericksonian Hypnotherapy. This course is of interest to those who've completed foundational level / distance learning training in hypnotherapy... along with fully qualified Hypnotherapy and NLP practitioners. If your hypnotherapy training did not include targetted detailed tuition in treating phobias, anxiety and panic attacks then we believe this course will give you what you're looking for and help you to develop increased confidence in your hypnotherapy skills in the process.



COST: £120

Click here  to book and pay (you will be forwarded to the Soul Synthesis website)

COMING SOON..... Behavioural Disorders to include; Mood Disorder, BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder and Aspergers Sydrome


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