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Life Coaching
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Life Coaching

1hr  |  £85.00

Life Coaching is a way of helping you work out how to move towards a better life. You may already have very specific ideas about what you want to achieve or what needs changing, or you may need help establishing these.  Life Coaching enables you to assess the various aspects of your life and help you decide how you want to move forward.  You will refine your goal and make a detailed plan to move you closer to that goal.  At each session, you will agree an action plan and will work on that plan between sessions.

Monthly sessions are usual, but in the early days, weekly sessions might be more helpful.  Generally a minumum of 4 sessions is required, but there is no maximum number.  Some people choose to have a life coach throughout their working life.

Sessions can either be face to face, via skype or by telephone, or a combination, whatever works best for you.

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