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Interview Body Language

My top tips for how to make a good first impression simply by adjusting your body language.

Step 1 - Arrival

1. Reception

Avoid entering an office with your arms full of clutter, it can make you look disorganised and inept. Always stand in a reception area to keep your presence noticed.

Step 2 - Greeting

2. Entry

When walking into the interview room, do so without hesitation, maintain the same speed and move without hesitation.

3. Approach

Walk directly into the room with a smooth motion, place your briefcase, bag or folder down and shake the other person’s hand immediately with a forward horizontal hand shake and take a seat.

4. Handshake

Keep your palm straight and return the pressure you receive. Let the other person decide when to end the handshake. Use a person’s name twice in the first 15 seconds to ensure you recall it.

Step 3 - Interview

5. Sitting Down

Shift your chair so that you are sat at a 45 degree angle to the person interviewing. If you can’t shift your chair shift your body. This ensures a relaxed open body position.

6. Gestures

Use uncomplicated deliberate movements. High status individuals use fewer gestures than low status. As a guide, observe the other person’s gestures and mirror these.

7. Distance

Respect the other person’s personal space, which will be largest at first meeting. The less you know someone, the larger their personal space needs to be. In the beginning it will need to be a minimum of about 4 feet.

Step 4 - Exit

8. Exit

Pack your things calmly and deliberately, shake hands, turn and walk out. People always watch you from behind when you leave, so if you’re a man, make sure you’ve shined your shoes, if you’re a woman, when you get to the door turn around slowly and smile. Better for the interviewer to recall your smiling face than your rear end!!



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