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Your Best New Year Yet

Another year, another set of New Year’s resolutions! So how can you make them stick?

1. Set yourself realistic goals. Make sure your resolutions are attainable. Saying that you will never eat chocolate again is perhaps a stretch too far! Set a target that is both realistic and achievable.

2. Plan ahead. Decide upon your goals well in advance of New Year’s Eve. This ensures that your resolve is set well before the day and your brain is geared up for the change!

3. Plan for temptation or weakness. There are always times when it seems easier to give in than to stay strong. Plan ahead for how you will manage this. What will you do if temptation creeps into your mind e.g. keep photos of the slim you and the larger you to hand to remind yourself why you set your goal.

4. Spread the word! Tell family and friends about your goal. Enlist their help. By telling everyone who is important to you, you increase your chances of success!

5. Monitor your progress. Set small goals, as these are easier to manage and help you maintain your motivation towards achieving your long-term goal.

6. Reward success! When we change our habits or behaviours in some way, it can feel like hard work and for some it can even feel like a loss. Reward your achievements in a healthy positive way i.e. treat yourself to a massage or facial. Go to the cinema with a friend or book a show or a trip somewhere.

7. Watch out for “oh blow it!” mode. Sometimes one small slip results in “oh blow it, I’ve failed so I might just as well forget it!” This is the most common cause of failing to achieve a goal. One small slip does not have to result in failure – it’s all up to you!


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