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Psychotherapy for Adults
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Psychotherapy for Adults

1hr  |  £70.00

Psychotherapy for Adults:

Psychotherapy is a 'talking' therapy aimed at helping people overcome emotional & behavioural anxieties.   We would talk about your concerns, understand your motivations and establish more positive ways of thinking and behaving.  We would explore your thoughts, feelings and behaviours in a structured way to understand why certain thought or behaviour patterns exist and identify ways of changing or coping.

Each session may be different.  The key is exploring your feelings, thoughts and experiences to enable you to make the changes you want.  You may be asked to complete activities between sessions to reinforce the work done during the session to create and maintain progress.  It is important to be aware that there are no 'magical' changes.  All change requires input and activity to achieve the required output.

It may be that only a few sessions are needed or, for more deep rooted issues, several sessions over a number of months might be necessary.

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